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I have five new doors and a galvanised bulkhead waiting for my 110 once I have time. This has recently got me thinking about paint jobs.

Initially I thought I'd get the whole thing re sprayed in it's original colour but looking at the truck over the last couple of weeks whilst touring France made me realise that, for me, a lot of it's character and charm is in it's worn appearance! Would it be possible to recreate the 'wear' when having the new doors and bulkhead painted, or will I end up with something that looks dreadful?!

I don't want a blingy shiney truck that much, I kinda want my 110 the same after I change the doors!

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Get them painted up properly (or diy it) - I've had some good results (and actually would happily do it again). then give the rest of the truck a bit of paintwork TLC, i.e. give it it a good t-cut and a turtle wax and maybe a touch up here or there, you then create a bit of a middle point for new doors and old paint to meet in the middle then they both tarnish and wear in again together.
I had a similar thoughts when I had to spray up bits of the Camel Disco. I got the colour matched by a company in Luton and they did an absolute superb job in doing it (after the 2nd attempt).

At the very extreme it will only look a little odd to you, as its your baby and you're hypersensitive to it... :moglite: or sorry is that just me?

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There's no easy way around this and I don't know if it helps but the way I squared it away with myself is that a keeper car like this has natural phases. Fresh and shiny gently (or not so much) gives way to tree scuffs and alu dings until due care dictates that some or all of it become fresh and shiny again, and you get to shock your non LR friends with glee as you wantonly take it through a gap that's too narrow or nuzzle up to a hedgerow.

I say stick 'em on and have fun "bedding them in" :)

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