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Defender clutch pedal softer spring

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I've a 200tdi with an awfully heavy clutch pedal.

I've looked online and it suggests that is a pedal \ spring modification for the td5 pedal. As per:


I've looked around a fair bit and it appears that these pedals have a little indent on the back for the spring to sit.. I assume if I don't have this on my 200tdi pedal then I can't do the mod...

A few people have said they've done it on 300/200tdi's...

Any input welcome...

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Yep, i did this conversion. i used the newer 300Tdi pedal box and spring. makes a hell of a difference. you could check your pedal and see if its the later 200Tdi where theres a cut out for the newer spring. mine did but as i had the option, i fitted the newer one. a mate just took his spring off. the 200 spring is from the pedal to the bulk head and is a real pain in the knee. the 300 spring is is different, as you press. the spring assists, when you let go, it pops the pedal back up.


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I've had a look at the pedal and there doesn't seem to be an indent on the pedal.. i could try without the spring, I would imagine it wouldn't pop back though.

I assume it's just a case of bolt in, attach pipings, top up and bleed..

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my mates springless one works fine. it seams to just rise up again, albeit a bit slower. i havent a clue what the later defenders have, never been in anything newer than a 300. all i can say is, the original long spring was tough and after a town drive , my leg ached. i fitted a new pedal box which was for a 300Tdi and now the pedal feels great. no pressure on the leg at all. so in my mind go for a replacement. the Bay has a few new ones and 2nds. if your'e going to disconnect the master you may want to check its condition and just pop a new one in the pedal box while its on the bench. get oem/bearmark though. not a blue box.

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