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Discovery Sun roof question


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After collecting my Discovery 1 V8i ES last weekend I'm starting to put together a niggle list so I can then make a priority list of jobs to get done in the near future and the far future.

Like all other Discovery's my girl suffered the usual sunroof leaks and the previous owner taped up the sunroof and replaced the headlining. I'm having thinks about getting the sunroofs sorted and working again but I think the previous owner put the wrong headlining in.

Am I right in thinking that the ES model, as top of the range, came with electric sunroofs front and back and not windy handle ones???

Is it a simple matter of taking out the windy handles and replacing them with the electric buttons or will I need a complete new headlining???

Looking at forums and youtube the common fault with leaking sunroofs is where the water gather around the seal and drips through the channel before heading down a tube to the rain water gutter.

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Yes u are right that the ES was the top of the range in its day although there was an ES Premium. It was from the 1996MY ES onwards that had electric sunroofs as standard, manual for 1994/5

The headling will remain the same with an electric conversion, all u have to find is the motors, front and rear switches and their plastic housing, wiring and the ecu.

The drain to tubes are not provided in case of a leaking sunroof, thats why they are only at the front of the sunroof and as such any water running into them is purely coincidental (unless u tilt the glass its wet) and then only if the glass seal has failed, if the frame seal is off then water could go straight onto the headline.

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