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1991 Classic sunroof motor


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Hi All

Picked up my RRC a couple of days ago. She's a 1991 Vogue SE in Plymouth Blue. All the rusty bits have done and all the electrics work with the exception on the Sunroof. The motor has been disconnected under the interior dome light but when you connect it the motor continuously operates whether you press the button or not. The same happens if you remove the switch all together. The sunroof itself does not move although it does with the manual key. Is this just the motor at fault or the control unit next to it? I guess it's possible both as I assume the gear on the end of the motor has lost it's teeth with all the continuous running.. I intend to replace the headlining soon so would be nice to fix both at the same time.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi John,

Welcome to the forum, and to RRC ownership.

To operate the sunroof, there is an auxillary relay, the switch, a stepper relay (mounted near the motor under the headlining) and the motor unit itself. Contained within the motor unit is also the microswitches that limit the motor run for open/closed and tilt.

From your description, I suspect that the microswitch unit is faulty so that the motor has continued to run. As you then say the motor then has stripped the teeth on the drive gear.

I would fit another know good motor and go from there, hopefully that will sort it.

Let us know how you get on. And have you got pictures you can share?

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Many thanks for that. I have found a LR breakers yard in Mid Norfolk and he has a couple working sunroof motors. Am going up there Saturday morning to hopefully pick one up. I also have a LR Series 3 which is almost back on the road so should be a useful contact. Will take some photos soon and put them up on this forum.

I have another problem with the HIgh temperature transmission light staying on until I release the Hand Brake but should probably start a new thread on that.

Thanks again for the help.


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