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New Lynx and fault codes

James NZ

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I've just received a new Lynx for use on our disco 2's, both V8 & TD5. So I thought I'd have a bit of a play on my V8 and read the EMS fault codes. The following photo shows what it read. This is all well and good however it doesn't mean a lot to me. Can any Lynx users shed some light on where I might get additional info on fault code meanings etc.

Many thanks, James NZ


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Hello again,

Actually I've come up with some info.

Fault 18 seems to indicate a faulty O2 sensor.

Fault 34&35 seems to indicate running lean (or it might be running rich, the source of info was a bit ambiguous). Reading these faults and fault 18 together the cure seems to be to replace the faulty O2 sensor and the MAF? Does this sound right?

Fault 108. Don't have a flippin clue. Any ideas please?

Fault 148. Seems to be related to NAS Passive Immobilization feature. How this was activated in a NZ new car I'm not sure. My car however only opens the drivers door on the first touch of the remote and will open the rest of the doors if the remote button is pushed again. Any ideas on this one?

And before you ask, all I did was read the ems fault codes whilst waiting for me dinner to be dished up. So no programming or setting new values.

Thanks again, James NZ

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Just bought the same bit of kit, read codes and erased OK, Tried some activation checks worked fine, but can't seem to get it to program simple things like curtesy headlights on or off. Britool and Omiga not much help to be honest. I'm pleased we have this forum

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