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Defender 2.5 N/A Oil Cooler

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I am removing the 2.5 N/A from my Defender 110 to be refurbished (something about low oil pressure and finding shiny metal stuff in the sump...)

What part of the radiator is the oil cooler? I am thinking that it is just the right side 'post' of the rad, but have not been able to find any diagrams that separate out the coolant part of the rad and the oil part.

Any diagrams or insights would be appreciated.

Also, the hoses to the cooler seem to be fine. What would I look for to decide to replace these or not?

The truck is a 1995 ex MOD 110 with 112000km. The motor was rebuilt in 1997 with big end bearings and cam bearings replaced (+10), but no piston enlargement. (according to the tag on the fan cowl).



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As far as I am aware the cooler part is just in the R/H side, good idea to give it all a good wash out if you have metal bits floating about.

Check the hoses for cuts/damage to the outer rubber, if there is a straight end you should be able to have a look inside, wash them out and blow through them with compressed air, but if they look ok and not perished they will be fine.

If you need new maybe a local hydraulic hose place would be cheaper just make sure they dont make smaller bore ones.

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