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Eberspacher - Smoke is not always bad news

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I just wanted to post this for any of you buying ebay eberspachers.

I bought an almost new, second hand Eberspacher D4. it had clearly had very little use.

I then found the ancillaries, pump, connector, exhaust etc.

On first starting it, it smoked quite badly and continued to do so. So i thought ok, it needs a service, so bought a new gauze and seals. Cleaned it internally and retested.

It still smoked the same.

Until it dawned on me, perhaps the pump was giving too much fuel.

Upon checking, i had bought a pump for the larger D8 model, of course too much fuel. Somehow i had assumed the control system metered, but its the pump that gives the dose.

Anyway worth note for other putting together a bitsa solution.

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So, how do you reduce the smoke? Did you, I don't know, put a voltage dropping resistor on the feed to the pump? Or kink the fuel pipe? Or did you boringly just buy the right pump?

You can't just leave us hanging like that!

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