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Tow bar wiring confusion

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Ok so on my old plug i have a red, yellow, blue, brown, green, black and a white wire but on the tow bar i bought at the weekend i have a purple, black, red/orange, red/yellow, red/black, green/white, green/red, green/brown and green/purple wires. Would anybody know which corresponds to which?

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These are the vehicles wiring colour codes NOT the 7 core trailer wire.which are plain colours, red,white,black,blue,green,yellow,brown.

plain purple is 12v permanent live feed

red/orange = RH tail light

red/yellow = rear fog light

red/black = LH tail light & rear number plate light

green/white = RH indicator

green/red = LH indicator

green/brown = feed from reverse switch to reverse lights

green/purple = brake light L & R.

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Yes, :i-m_so_happy: the trailer socket pins are numbered as noted in diagram ,view from the face the wires fit into, not where the trailer plug pushes in.


the 12N trailer socket should have the plain colour wires which go up inside the vehicle & connect into the parent vehicles wiring loom usually in the right rear corner.

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No, leave the purple unconnected but ensure it cannot short out on any metal. with a suitable fuse you can use it as a power feed in the rear.

your 'new' towbar electrics, read like the previous owner used the vehicle wiring colour code wires, maybe to make his fault finding easier.

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