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Neat Tax Disc idea


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This may be old hat, but this is the first time I have seen this.

Taking my dog for a walk this morning, I passed my neighbours concourse E reg VW campervan loaded up and ready for the off.

At the side of the split screen I noticed an old style Tax Disc with the month and a big "67" in the middle( if memory serves me right the correct year for E reg vehicles- please correct me if I am wrong)

I will ask him when we meet, if its original, or a replica to set off the finishing touch to the superb rebuild van?

Either way it looks perfect!

If I still had my old 58 series 2, I would be champing at the bit to find one to suit.

At the minute I have an Alaskan rail baggage ticket on the screen of my Y2000- TD5. Somehow its just not anywhere near as cool !!!!


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I've still got the normal disk? Not changed it since I switched to Direct Debit. I am, however, waiting to be pulled over when I'm abroad, for having an expired disk.

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Can't see why you'd keep it on, I hated them and couldn't wait to remove it and the holder!

pure sloth. Actually, I want to get the screen surround regalvanised, and the roof replaced, and perhaps SunDim heated screens, so I'll probably do a blittz on the lot.

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