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Self Cancelling Indicator Stalk.


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I have seen a couple of Series 2s that have a self cancelling indicator stalk - there is a slot in the outer casing of the steering column and the indicator has a wheel that is turned by the actual steering shaft through the slot to cancel the indicators.

Does anyone know where I can get this type of self cancelling indicator stalk?



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These switches are called 'Tex Magna' units.

Searching Google dot Co dot UK using the terms 'tex magna indicator switch' will produce a lot of hits, at various prices.

It is common for the rubber wheel that contacts the steering column to perish, leading to 'cancellation' of the self-cancelling feature :-)

This perishing might be more prevalent in Australia than the UK (due to higher levels of sunlight), so note the replacement wheel returns your search will bring.

Now you have a product name a search local to you may produce suitable results. If you haven't found it yet, the AULRO forum may provide interesting results.

I believe there are two versions of these switches, 4 wire and 5 wire, so do the research to understand the wiring.

There is probably more detail within the UK based Series 2 Club Forum; you don't have to join the Club to gain access. The Forum does have some Australian posters. The internal Search function can be a little idosyncratric; don't be put off.


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Thanks for all that advice - googled the 'tex magna indicator switch' but mainly came up with the non cancelling type but did find a used cancelling type at an Australian supplier so I will chase that one up.

It is good to see that replacement wheels are readily available.

Thanks for the responses.


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