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Defender iPhone holder


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Before with my IPhone 3GS I had a otter box case and modifed the otterbox belt holder and that worked really well. Now I have the Iphone 6 and the otterbox for that is massive. I tried the IPhone 6 otterbox and it's great protection but I found it just too big. I have a smaller case for it now but want to mount it in a similar way.

THe X ram x grip looks great but I think it;s going to stick out too far even with the shortest setup or block the vent. Ideally I'd like the same as I have now with the x grip style grab.



I have the mud dash console.

Any suggestions or ideas ?

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How hard is it to make something and stick it to the existing mount ?The case has the apple circle in it. I wonder if I could use that as a locator and then fashion something to slide down over the top to hold it and then stick that to the existing mount?

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