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Paddock modular so - anyone else sell them?

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I currently have the modular wheels on my truck which look a bit like split rims with the little bolt heads on them.

But they are ratty looking now after about 10 years and as Paddocks still sell them I ordered a set complete with BFG AT KO2 tyres etc last week.

I paid for Express delivery so I'd have them for the weekend when my 11yr old nephew was down so we could fit them Saturday morning as a fun thing because he loves the Landy.

but I cut my nose off to spite my face on Friday when I called to find out where they were, to be told they wouldn't be with me until Monday.

So I took the hump and told them to cancel the order.

Now I can't find the same wheels anywhere. Are they unique to Paddock?

Please don't tell me that, I really don't fancy eating humble pie and ordering them again from these clowns.

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Great, thanks for the info on Devon 4x4.

I looked on their website and couldn't see anything so I just called them. They think they have the wheels I want and are looking at it for me - along with the wheel & tyre combo I ordered/cancelled from Paddocks.

I'll keep you updated.

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Oh man, quandry time.

Devon 4x4 can't get the wheels I wanted in the size I wanted.

They can get something similar but only in 8" wide which is too big for the 235 profile tyres I like.

So I got them to price up Zu alloys with BFG AT tyres and it came out £200 more than Paddock.

It looks like I'm going to have to acquire a taste for humble pie because as a Yorkshireman my sensibilities can take a hit for £200

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235/85 is fine with 8 inch rims, I've even seen tyre width tables that have 235 as the recommended tyre width for 8"

Just checked on the BFG site and for your tyres they show 6-7.5 as the min/max rim size so maybe 8 is pushing it a bit !

I fitted 235/85 Cooper STT Pros to 8 inch rims last week (Cooper can be mounted on 8 inch) so I assumed they'd all be the same but it seems not.

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