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Land Rover Services, Brislington, Bristol - anyone used them?

Northern Paul

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Hi all,

MOT time is looking for my ex military 90. I've used Steve Hill in the last and been

pleased but certainly wasn't cheap. My circumstances have changed and I can't really

afford to use him again. Has anyone any experience with Land Rover Services in Brislington?

I've heard mixed reports and they have no website. I'm currently away with work so can't

call them for a chat (work offshore).

Can anyone offer any experiences or recommend an alternative? I'm based in SE Bristol. Is there

a place out at Yatton?


Thanks in advance, Paul

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I though LR Services were in Bedminster, they used to be off Hartcliffe Way?

Had a few different landies MOT'd by them (they are not actually testers themselves) and OK, not great standard of work through for the few things I've had them do. If the truck is well screwed together and probably going to pass then I'd have no worries giving it to them.

I started using Mototech who are in Bedminster instead, not LR specialists but do a lot of commercial work and know 4x4's. Thought they were pretty helpful when trying to balance the twin SU's on my old V8 when they didn't have to be.

As a caveat I moved over to Chepstow a couple of years ago so not used any of them for a while.

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The guys in Yatton are Overland Engineering - supposed to be okay

If you ran down to J23 on th M5 Causeway 4x4 are excellent

There's a place in Thornbury thats supposed to be fair

Thornbury MOT Centre http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/motoring-servicing-and-repairs/mot-testing-stations/thornbury-m-o-t-centre/business-9835604-detail/business.html are reasonably good. They have done several MOTs onmy 110 over the past 10 years. They dis some welding once which wasnt great, but they passed it, and i had to improve it after. But they i would recommend them on the whole.

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