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Dimensioned drawings? Series clutch cover to RR V8 flywheel.

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I'm in the process of getting parts together for a V8 conversion and I need to get a Range Rover flywheel drilled and dowelled to take a Series clutch cover. The bloke who is doing the job for me has asked for drawings.

Do any exist?

If anybody has the dimensions, I could create the drawing myself.


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Ah, I guess that's the issue with asking someone else to do it vs doing it yourself.

I think when I did this a mere 20 odd years ago , I put the clutch cover on the machine table and centred over each hole to find it's position. There are 3 dowels and I forget how many screws.

Any machinist worth his salt could do this, but of course it will take a bit more chargeable time ?

You could of course make a drawing for him, showing as much info as you can. For instance the screws are 5/16" UNF (IIRC), and you can measure the dowel diameter and note this, along with the number of holes required and their respective depths.

If you have the old series flywheel you can check a lot of this yourself.

Then note that hole positions must be obtained by measuring the clutch cover.

Or maybe someone will pop up with a drawing ready made.

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Thanks for the replies. I do have a Series clutch pressure plate so I should be able to use that to get the dowel PCD and diameter from that and knock up a drawing.

I believe that the people that used to sell the adapter kits (Phillips?) also supplied a drawing for the flywheel mods and I was hoping to get a copy to save a bit of time.

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