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Series Bulkheads

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 Not come across the term before , it sounds very effective , thanks for the clear , factual description  . Noted for the next time I have a good , bare bulkhead to do




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On Tue Jan 24 2017 at 1:15 PM, Snagger said:

Are you acid dipping them before paint, though?

I think e-coating would be worthwhile if you can take them in batches; you'd get a dozen or more in a Transit van.  Otherwise, they'll suffer internal corrosion like the originals.  It's the overlaps of the spot welded joints that is the problem.  If you can prime the completed units externally and then carefully internally spray them with thin cavity wax, then hopefully it'll have enough penetration to get into those joints and protect them.  It'd just be a terrible shame for them to start rotting out, and the photos show just how fast it starts.

No, no acid dip. I don't claim to be an expert in the chemistry, but he paint I've sprayed it with bonds to any sort of rust and chemically neutralises it preventing any further corrosion. 

It's an industrial coating which sees use on oil platforms, amongst other things, so For the moment I'm confident that it'll protect the bulkheads adequately. 

I'd agree e-coating would be the ideal way forward, but at the moment it's not as easy as throw it in a van and go. 

I'm currently doing the bulkheads in my free time, alongside a full time job and spending a bit of time with the kids. 

Having been left somewhere on the back foot financially after splitting with my ex-wife I've got very little funding available, and the prototypes are being funded individually by people that want a bulkhead building, and they will be built to order after that, but until I can afford to do it 'full time' economies of scale will be difficult to achieve.

It's pleasing to see that the project is generating interest though.

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Oh, it's very interesting, and a source of comfort I'm sure to people like me who hope to do more Series restorations in the future.  There is no reason buyers can't sort out their own rust treatments after delivery, ultimately.  Given that it typically takes about five years before a standard LR bulkhead starts being problematic, a few weeks of internal surface corrosion should be a small and simple issue to deal with.

Good luck with the enterprise!

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