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How to test clutch master cylinder?

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I'm putting a 300tdi into an 1989 Defender 90

I've replaced the clutch slave cylinder and am having trouble bleeding the system, all the piping is clear.

If I pump the clutch I was expecting fluid to go from the reservoir and come out of the hole beneath where I've removed the pipe but it doesn't.


Does this mean that I need to replace the master cylinder too?

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Yes it should, and that means its probably duff - assuming you have the free play set correctly on the operating rod - but to be honest it should still squirt. :blink:

A decent quality replacement is less than £30, might just as well change it. The rod free play will need to be set up on the replacement, but there are plenty of posts on how to do that.

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Check pedal to cylinder linkage. If unsure take top cover off and wind nuts away from pedal so got plenty of free play. If its over adjusted it wont squirt once it has lost whats in the cylinder. The cylinder has to fully come back to its rest position to allow the fluid to fill the cylinder

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