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Front diff/propshaft problem


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Hi guys,

I'm new here so forgive me if this has already been covered. I bought a RR 3.9EFI for my lads recently. The first night they had it, the front diff shattered - big hole from the inside out through the diff pan! They stuck it up on ramps and decided to strip the diff. When doing this, they reckoned they'd have to dismantle the driveshafts to the front wheels because they connect to the diff. They haven't started this bit yet, so I'd be glad to have it confirmed that they need to do this, or otherwise.

The bit I'm really stuck on is this: when they turned the prop shaft into the front diff by hand, it dropped out the the transfer box! I've never seen this before, and there seems to be nothing holding it in! When i got under there and pulled it back toward the transfer box, it seemed to "stretch" a bit, making it fit into the hole. Is this normal, or has this broken as well?

Please excuse my ignorance and use of incorrect terminology. Any useful tips, comments or video links much appreciated!

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Just undo the swivel balls from the axle tube, and pull out a few inches, this is enough to release the diff.

14mm bi-hex ring spanner, a bit of pipe to go over it, and some thread lock for when it goes back together.

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There should be movement in the propshaft to account for suspension movement (the stretchy feeling is good) but it should only have rotation at the transfer box end and as it goes into the Diff. the propshaft should not come out of the transfer box or diff.

The propshaft should be bolted onto the output flange from your transfer box with at least four bolts that go through the yolk for the universal joint just infront of the transfer box.

It sounds to me, like the front transfer box drive bearing has collapsed

Check the transfer box oil as well, the gearing and/or bearings could have collapsed inside, if they have your oil will almost certainly look like hammerite paint.

I dont have any specific links but if you search for Range rover transfer box diagram...and Range rover front propshaft diagram you should be able to pick yours out of the drawings.

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Rover style diffs seem to usually do this when they're really worn and are then put in a situation where one wheel is spinning and the other isn't. There's a big pin in the middle and if it has worn out the holes in the housing it lives in then the circlips let go and the pin flies out, bits jam and break, and something punches through the thin metal of the axle case. Hopefully looking at a picture will make more sense than this description!

Anyway, you can look through the filler hole at the back diff and see if it's in the same condition - if so, replace it before the same thing happens.

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