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Centrally fitted seats to 110 Van

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Hi all,

I am looking into fitting the exmoor trim forward facing flip down seats into my 1991 200TDI Defender van.

Having the seats in the rear is not an option as the dog will struggle to get in with the seats deployed and the kids will be too far away on long journeys. They will both be over 1 when this is finished.

So, my understanding is this....

3 point belts available, seat available and the upper seatbelt mount needs to be structuraly sound. This I can do so am not worried about this. Large spreader plates and I believe the same support for the front seats can be used. Inform the DVLA of a change of seat and also inform the insurance company. A bulkhead removal kit will be fitted also and it's already well insulated and relatively warm.

What worries me is the lack of side impact protection and also rollover protection. I don't want to save the truck from a multiple rollover at 90mph but I would like it to be stronger in the event of landing on its side for some reason.

A small internal cage is what I was thinking of and could have this fabricated by a friend who does fantastic work.

Has anybody got pictures of something similar, seats mounted in the centre of a 110 van. Also the rollcages ive seen look particularly intrusive and I hope this can be made to fit tighter to the roof.

I know a CSW would be the best practical option but I couldn't sell my old bus and the kids love it.

Any and all opinions welcome, I'm not near the vehicle at the minute but think doing it over winter will be doable for me, presuming I've not thought of anything obviously wrong.


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This was my thinking, the frame doesn't look that different from the front so should itself bolt up well enough.

If not currently strong enough it wouldn't be too hard to strengthen it up. The MOT only calls for a suitable mounting point.


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Mid-mounted load guard combined with roll-over protection? Fit a pull out gate for when you need to use the whole space but the combo of overhead protection for the children and a secure space for the dog and/or a load would seem to make some sense (to me!).

However - the Exmoor seat I fitted for my wee lad (when he was 1, about 7 years ago) has the entire seatbelt gubbins all incorporated into the seat unit. The fixing method (for a hard top like mine) is simply sit the unit on the internal wheel arch and slide to and fro to whichever location is desired and bolt in. It has head restraint and arm-rest too. Brilliant piece of kit. This is the one with the seat that folds up, the whole unit swivels so it can face inwards or forwards.

Have they changed the design?

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