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Hybrid turbo internalls


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Could any of you knowledgeable fellas tell me if by changing the internalls in my td5 turbo I can make it a hybrid, or is the whole thing different.

If it is a case of changing the internalls can you tell me what I need please.

Thanks john

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I think you need to replace the whole housing, the patrol ZD30 uses a similar garret GT2052V turbo as a TD5 but with variable nozzle technology, otherwise the Portuguese mob TD5 alive i think it is sell a hybrid turbo that is a bolt in job for reasonable money.

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Interested to hear how you get on with this, it's something I am toying with.

CR Turbos/Td5 Inside seem to be getting a lot of attention on Facebook recently, they are meant to be significantly cheaper than Alive/IRB/BAS but no experience of using them personally. One of the LR comics this month has an article featuring a TD5 disco with a turbo from them.

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I have a remap from Jose at TD5 Inside. It was a super easy process and seems well put together, I have a heap of extra power and I've not noticed any smoking issues. I still haven't gotten around to fitting the EGT gauge, so can't comment on a before/after on that.

I've spoken to him about the new turbo, they do a hybrid and a VNT/VVT. I was more interested in the VNT and it was about $2000 AUD + delivery, which seemed reasonable.

A few of the AULROs have his hybrid and all seem happy.

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