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What, no intro section?


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Hi fellow forum users. Unless I'm just missing it (not unusual) this must be the first forum I've been a member of that doesn't insist you introduce yourself first.

Normally you find out when your first post, rather than getting helpful replies consists mainly of people telling you to go to the intros page first!!!

Anyway, just posting this in case I befall the same fate here.

I'm currently on LR number 4. First one was a Series 2a 88, then a series 3 109 (loved that one used to annoy the hell out of everyone behind me at first roundabout on way to village as had to take a cut to get round it). Number 3 was again a Series 3 but an 88 with a perkins engine (flat out at 50 but great for drowning out the whining..... no, not the diff, the wife)

Now have an ex mod defender 90 convector heaters in rear, wiring still in Iraq!!!

Will post soon for help with her myriad of ailments.

By the way, a forum name's a forum name.

I'm Rab. ☺

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Welcome to the Madhouse - hope you like the light-hearted conversation, the totally correct language and the patience that is had by all for those who know less....

Enjoy !

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