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Defender 90 rear brake drum adjusters

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A few weeks ago my truck felt like it was dragging a heavy load. it turned out to be one or both of the rear brake shoes were binding. so i backed off the adjusters on both sides. the brake were new a few week previously and had been set up as per Les's post. then again today i had the same thing.

i'm wondering whether the adjusters ( snails) are too worn to do any good. to be honest when i saw them at the shoe change i couldnt see much in the way of teeth. so i'm assuming they are working there way around and then over adjusting. is there a repair kit, something i can just swap out. some rears have two adjusters . i only have one behind the lead shoe on both sides.

ideas please. steve

edit. just found RTC3176 rear brake shoe adjuster repair kit. has anyone used these.

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Typical. i adjusted the brakes again. set them so they dragged on the shoes and then backed them off. i then marked the adjuster nut in relation to the back plate. i've done about 200 miles, with loads of braking. just checked the adjusters and they havent budged at all. So the parts are coming and will probably end up in my parts bin. ( Not for long i bet ) once i do get round to changing them i'll do a step by step with pics.

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