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missfire on v8 supercharged with microsquirt and edis


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Hi, a friend have a RRC 3.5 strocker with rotrex, and now with edis , he have a missfire

when he have microsquirt and DUI no problem,

but with edis, missfire, he change the coils and the edis box, same problem

vr and his wiring ok

we can see on Tuner studio the missfire

what is wrong for you, thanks a lot

I have his msq if you want, but i can put it on the forum ??

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Hi, with dent logger on tuner studio,

but i have a copy of his run with MLV, and when the misfire come, we can see the kpa, and another thing wrong

he will try to see if he have allways 12 v when he have misfire, difficult to see it

with a oscilloscope, the signal from VR is good

to he have see the firmware on MS2 microsquirt have a lot of evolution ........maybe the response ??

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You'll see a lot of things jump during a misfire...

If I remember correctly, EDIS will run on its own fixed to 10deg BTDC, so you can eliminate anything MS control related by disconnecting the SAW wire. Why run EDIS at all when direct fire works, though? It's an antiquated black box with little advantage.

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Hi, thanks for help

the firmware on microsquirt will be bad, again, because he have change the firmware again,

maybe a pist,

I will give your "peace of advice" (if this is the good traduction) for he can found the problem

thanks a lot ; )

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