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New fuel tank ESR2242 fitting

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It would appear I NEED a new fuel tank as the one I have seems to be leaking badly! Grrrrrrr more dollar!!!

So how easy is it to remove the old tank and re-fit a new one, plus any other parts that I am likely to need due to damage/breaking when doing this also any advise in doing the job would be great too???

Regards Andy

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Defender 90 300tdi ......... Part number for Fuel tank is ESR2242???

And if any body has one in good sound condition laying about that they want to donate/sell please get in touch, as this is my daily ride so needs sorting ASAP

If I am to buy new which one Bearmach , Britpart etc???

All the best Andy

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Ok ordered a Bearmach tank and new seals, will give it a bit of a rub down then a couple of coats of Bonda Primer rust proof paint, then black Hammerite and when fitted a final coat of 3M schutz for good measure!

So any thing I need to know look out for when removing old tank or refitting new tank???

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Getting to the big jubilee clip that holds the rubber filler pipe to the tank is a right PITA, maybe easy to unbolt hose from metal filler on body and finally then disconnect with tank out. Refit same way. Side sills below door often get in the way and make it a tight wriggle in for the tank, maybe easier to remove ally panel and galvanised main sill rail - except nuts are likely to be all corroded.

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