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LT230 Refitting advice

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Hi all,

I'm currently in the position of refitting an LT77 and LT230 to a friends truck and I can't find information anywhere about the lever adjustments.

mainly the info I need is the lever that switches between Hi/Neutral/Low passes over an Eye bolt as a Pivot point and this is adjustable In/Out does anyone know how far out this should be to be set up correctly?



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it seems to be the one part I forgot to take a photo of, im just not sure how much it matters?

Also do you know what bolts are required for the bell housing to rear of engine join? im currenly looking at diagrams online and struggling to find them

maybe one for ralph

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Yep, that eye bolt is for the difflock. The hi lo is the bar that moves diagonally backwards beside the gearbox. Set the eye bolt up as mine and then try it before putting the tunnel back together perhaps.

The bell housing attaches to the studs in the flywheel housing - the nuts used a 17mm spanner yesterday - not sure on the thread though.

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