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More Lynx issues


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I suspect these codes are just glitches I have cleared them.

3069 MI Lamp open/load- 3070 Glow plug lamp open / load- 3217 Injector 5 open circuit logged.

every thing appears to be working ok, I certainly don't think Injector 5 is off.

Can someone explain why the codes don't relate to the P codes you find on the internet, are they special in some way, can they be cross referenced to the P codes?

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No glitches at all, those are real codes, the Td5 engine management is not OBD2 compliant so no relation with P codes, for the injector code check the ECU red plug for oil cos if there's oil ingress the output for those warning lamps can be affected too .... dont blame Lynx which is a good tool for the "operator"'s lack of knowledge ;)

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