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gearbox tunnel squeeking when no throttle

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y '91 110 200tdi has started making a squeeking noise when you let off the throttle, the noise slows as the vehicle slows and aounds like its coming from the gearbox tunnel, with the squeeking theres a slight knocking noise, like something is slapping against something (best way i could describe it)

Iv seen alot about input gears stripping so i had a look, i couldnt take it apart any further than this in the carpark with a socket set, as you can see the splined area is full of old caked up oil/grease, the other thing that stood out was that is stank, i dont know how to descibe it but it smelt really bad as soon as i took the cover off

any surgestions?

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it definetly had a wiff about it lol and now i cant get the smell to leave my hands!!! the rear prop is solid but the front front UJ i can twist a little less than a millimeter, also while lieing under it and rocking it back and forth with my foot i could hear a quiet squeek fron the o/s hub area

heres the input gear anyway with the input splines caked up in old oil


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IIRC there was some special anti-scuff grease/paste on the non-cross drilled input geared LT230s, so it being gloopy, sticky and horrid inside the input gear can be normal.

EP stinks even when new, more importantly what is the colour of it in the bottom of the LT230...?

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im quite familiar with the smell of normal ep90 after spilling a full can of it in the back of the landy a week after getting it (just drill some drain holes and get some spill granuals from work) but the smell in the t box something else, it almost stings the back of the throat

not sure what the oil looks like in there at the bottom at the moment, will change it as soon as i can but judging on what slowly seems out of it, pretty dark

the bolts for the cover plate were loctited on and im not sure its ever been removed, interesting about the paste/grease thing

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I'd say its semi cooked old EP90 by the sounds of it, transfer boxes can run quite warm.

When I removed the rear cover off mine which was re-built 4 years previous, the person whom re-built it had stuck so much sealant on the cover it had pretty much blocked the oil way at the top and the bearing had obviously got a bit warm and scabby and it was pretty stinky too.

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I'd be surprised if it's not a dry UJ squeaking. I've had that before where greasing would only get to two or three cups, the others remaining dry, and the needles eventually wear, break up and squeal. It sounds like a cup of tea being stirred while driving.

Repetitive squeaking from the bulkhead is usually the bonnet hinges - a little light oil stops that for a little while, a longer term fix being removing the bonnet, cleaning out the rust inside the furl of the bulkhead part of the hinge, applying grease and then reassembling.

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