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if you have diesel out of the filter screw when cranking, your fuel filter and lift pump are probably ok and have a fuel supply. more likely next point of call is does the stop solenoid have +12v on it when cranking or at pos 2? you can unscrew part of it or replace it if you dont have fuel into the fuel injection pump, check the connection here and make sure the white wire and spade terminal are firmly connected.

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Thanks. Problem solved, tried to turn the alarm on and off, then it started!

I have so been there Icebear,

I turned on the imobiliser on my 200tdi without realising it, then tried for ages to get it to do anything at all. it was only when the alarm started going off and I had to undo the battery that I realied there might be a "something simple" causing the problem.

turned out I had sqashed the imobiliser button in my pocket :wacko:

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