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Headlights don't work...

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Hi all

I know this subject has been done to death before so please don't jump down my throat... I have spent all afternoon looking on forums, looking at vehicle, looking again on forums, looking at - well you get the idea.

So the vehicle, a '91 200 TDI went into the barn a few months ago for a quick welding job... Coming back together now and I can't wait to get back out there, but the headlights don't work. I have flash but no hi/lo headlights.

The blue wire from the sidelights/headlights switch (short stalk) is permanantly live, ignition on or off, which I think is wrong? The blue wire going to the hi/lo switch (long stalk) is dead whatever I do with ignition or light switch. Bridging across the two wires makes them work but that's a bodge, and they stay on when ignition is off.

I understand there are no headlight relays on this vehicle, is that right? I also understand that some had a dim/dip relay??

Any ideas? Both steering column light switches are fairly new. The old sidelight/headlight switch melted like they do when the number plate light shorted.

Any input welcome, I really want the old girl back on the road. I usually green lane my way to/from work and I am missing it badly.



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side & tail lights should be live all the time, so they can be used as parking lights when vehicle is parked,locked,engine off, there is a headlight relay in fusebox behing the metal panel, could be a duff main light switch ( short left stalk)

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All you can do here is work your way through the wiring. Check for power at the fuse box and the switch, then at the lights. And of course check the bulbs.

If you are getting power, then check the earths.

There really isn't much else you can do.

If you aren't getting power to the switch, then you need to find out why.

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The light switches are fairly new and show no sign of distress.

The main light switch is permanently live to power the sidelights. The headlights however should only work when the ignition is on. Is there a relay which makes the headlights work when ignition is on and goes open circuit when ignition is off?

The switch has only one feed as far as I can tell

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