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Sealing strip

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I've got the seatbox out at the moment to weld up some bits on the sills.

There's like a foam seal between the seatbox and the panels it attaches to. What sealing strip stuff do you/would you use when putting it back?

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I'd say yes you're probably better going for the 3mm but it's a little hit or miss as I've had some where the foam was quite firm then it doesn't compress so easily in which case over a large area you need to go thinner... I'd recommend getting two sizes maybe 2&4 or 3&5mm...

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For some years I've used butyl glazing strip between panels. It's darned sticky and seals floor plates very well. It's very pliable if you want to use it like a putty instead of as a strip.

It's available in various widths and thicknesses, but IIRC I chose 20mm wide x 3mm thick

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I used the same neoprene for the seatbox/floor panels and it's held up well. Make sure it's the closed cell variant so it won't hold water.

For thinner gaps e.g. rear crossmember to the tub and the rest of bodywork to the chassis, butyl pond liner is cheap and easy to work with.

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