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Defender parts thieves get more daring.....


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From the following article http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/doors-and-bonnet-stripped-off-police-landrover-parked-outside-market-bosworth-police-station/story-29664794-detail/story.html



Police officers were left red-faced after a marked Land Rover which was parked outside a police station was stripped of its bonnet and all five doors.

Thieves have been targeting the Defender models for parts since the 4x4 went out of production in January this year.

But the latest incident proves that some thieves will go to extreme lengths to steal the valuable parts.

Emma Burton, 23, was stunned when she spotted a police Defender with all its doors missing on Shenton Lane in Market Bosworth on Friday morning.

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I see the headlights and indicators are missing too.. iirc from something I read on here recently , it's basically remove indicator bulbs, remove headlights reach in and disconnect alarm siren and out with the rattle guns , pretty sad levels of factory security really.



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Excuse my ignorance but it says "parked outside police station" right?

Well wouldn't the alarm be going off as soon as the interior light came on, ie as soon as 1st door was off?

They probably disabled the alarm but a lot of police stations are no longer manned 24 hours so it's entirely possible nobody would have heard the alarm anyway.

EDIT: Checking google maps it's in the middle of town and they have their own car park they could have used ..... https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Shenton+Ln,+Market+Bosworth,+Nuneaton+CV13+0LA/@52.6234412,-1.4010481,199m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4877574457d55f65:0x9e08a501b9322665!8m2!3d52.622893!4d-1.4017323

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You've got to be brazen to do that.

Are the bits really worth that much, complete with reflective stripes for resale?

It's a Puma -

Front doors complete sell for about £500 each if all the bits are there.

A pair of 2nd row doors went for £1200 last month.

Rear door is £300-400

Bonnet is £200-£400

So potentially £3000 there depending if they nicked anything else.....

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