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Discovery II Front Suspension Info


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Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

Recently I replaced the front dampers, springs and turrets on my Discovery TD5. Before I did this I scoured the interweb for all the information and made notes. I thought rather then throwing the notes away I would post them on here - hopefully will be of use to somebody...

Part Numbers

Spring N/S TD5 & V8 --- REB101340

Spring O/S TD5 --- REB101341

Spring O/S V8 --- REB101330

Spring Seat N/S --- REG000030

Spring Seat O/S --- REG000020

Isolator (turret ring) --- RBC100111

Turret nuts (M8 flange head nyloc)

Dampers (coil front suspension, air rear, non ACE) --- RNB103533

Dampers (coil front, coil rear, with ACE) --- RNB103683

Dampers (coil front suspension, air rear, with ACE --- RNB103694

Lower damper bolts (M10x30 flange head bolt)

Turrets --- KVU101051 Silly money from LR and aftermarket not much cheaper. I went for heavy duty versions - thicker, stronger, will last longer and the open design is easier to clean the cr*p out. I got mine from here http://www.shirefabrications.com/ they don't actually advertise them (maybe because they supply the likes of Paddocks etc - they look identical) but give them a ring, great service & nice people and cheaper ;)

Bump stops --- RNV100060

Anti roll bar links --- RBM100223

Anti roll bar nuts (M12 flange head nyloc) --- RYH100590


Damper lower bolts --- 45nm/33ft lb(from Land Rover workshop manual - I have seen 55nm/40ft lb quoted)

Damper top bolt --- 125nm/92ft lb

Isolator/turret nuts --- 23nm/17 ft lb

Anti roll bar link nuts --- 100nm/74ft lb

Easy enough to do, plenty of guides/info if you search. Unless you're using a ramp I suggest using coil spring compressors (can be done without).

All info given in good faith however I cannot guarantee the accuracy. Enjoy!

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