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hi-lift stowage on the bulkhead?

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taking the seats out of my 110 I noticed on the bulkhead at one end soft of a open ended box spot welded on and a fixed strap at the other, is this for stowing a hi-lift? its the only think I can think of so far, in the middle of the bulkhead closer to the floor theres another holder that's soft of a bracket with a large thick o ring that stretches across it (currently holding the fire extinguisher) is there an original intended use for this as well?

only one the front seats folds forward so im not sure how you can get the jack in behind them

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It wouldn't be for a Hi Lift type jack (farm jack) - it'd be for the basic tools, bottle jack, wheel brace and such that the vehicle would have left the factory with. You can fit a farm jack there, though, as long as it is the right length; I used to do just that with the brackets that came with the jack bolted to the bulkhead. It does have to be mounted as low as possible to avoid interfering with the seat adjustment.

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My Jackall 5' sat on its brackets on the bulkhead without removing ts base. It had to be installed the right way around of course, with the lifting handle lowermost and "jaw" pointing up, and the side with the pins facing forwards.

It now resides along the side of the load bay, with the main bulk of it under the second row seat (which is a Defender front seat mounted on the wheel arch top and a special upright inboard) - they do fit there without protruding above the wheel arch top.

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