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Weird TD5 behaviour


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Have been having some issue I can't get my head around lately.

So the Landy is slighty a struggle to start up first thing in the morning. When she start up there's loads of white blueish smoke and throttle response is not great it misfire a bit. There's a lack of power as well.

The thing is if I switch her off and back on she come back to life very responsive.

Works I've done recently ( with all new head set bits)

straight through exhaust

decat pipe

recon turbo

new intercooler

new radiator

EGR removed

Machined exhaust manifold ( it was warp)

new Fuel filter housing with new filter

Full service oil and filter ( axle, transfer box, gearbox)

The start up was worst before changing the fuel filter housing.

to get her going first thing is while i crank her i just give a little tap on the throttle.

Any ideas why if i switch her off then back on again she comes into life?

It feels like the ecu have a fault in memory and then it clear the faults when switching back on.

There's no faults showing on nanocom and all the readings looks ago.

Any ideas will be great.



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Yes, after the fuel cooler. Run it in a loop and if there is air you will see it easily. Cured with a new air fuel filter bleed valve, injector seals - then he sold it! It may not be your issue though but worth eliminating.

Put the hose on with good clips etc as you do not want fuel spraying out of any leaks - there is my get out! Google it as there are loads of video clips of people doing this on youtube!


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Thanks Toby i'll have a go at it tomorrow. There's new injector washer and o ring when i rebuild the head. New air bleed valve and non return valve when i swap the new fuel filter housing. I reckon it could be one of the fuel line split or the Fuel pressure regulator itself.

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