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The long awaited forum upgrade is finally happening!

At some point today (Tuesday 6th September, 2016), the forum will go offline for a while and reappear in altered (hopefully improved) form. Apologies for the short notice - Invision obviously don't have a large queue for upgrades at the moment! Invision are East Coast US based, so it will most likely happen during their working day (afternoon/evening for those of us in the UK).

Aside from the downtime, there are a few things to be aware of:

1) IMPORTANT: The new version of IPS Community Suite that we're moving to does not have separate User Names (logins) and Display Names (shown on the site), so we've had to pick which to keep - we've gone for Display Names, as these are what you're all known by, but this does mean that when you log in, you need to use your old Display Name not your old User Name. For most of us this will have no affect (most members have their Display Name and User Name set the same), but if yours are different you need to take note of this.

2) Some logos / graphics / links may disappear during the upgrade - I have backups of these and will restore them as soon as I can, but depending when the upgrade happens this may be a good few hours later.

3) If you have any "Friends" set up under your profile these will disappear - the new software has a much improved "Friends" system, but it's not straightforward to decide what happens to existing friends, who may gain more abilities than you'd like them to have due to the extra functionality. We don't think Friends is used that much, so it seemed safer to let the existing ones disappear.

The new version brings quite a large number of improvements behind the scenes, and also a variety of improvements that you'll see - particularly if you access the forum from a mobile device. While the look and feel will be modernised a bit it shouldn't change dramatically.

There are a number of long standing issues that we'll be revisiting after the upgrade to see if they've been fixed or whether we still need to attend to them (changing profile pictures springs to mind).

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Okay, something went wrong with the upgrade - all I know from Invision is that there was a "technical issue". They're in the middle of upgrading some of their own systems today, so the upgrade has been re-scheduled for Thursday 8th September.

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