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CSK owners - pic request of inside of doors


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I understand that CSK's had electric windows, have any owners got any pics of inside their doors? If so, could you please post up or email, so that I can compare with mine. I'd like to see if it's possible to fit CSK window regulators to a standard 2 door.

Thanks, Steve

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A lot of the later 2 doors had electric windows;


I'll try and remember to grab some photos of the inside of my doors

The part number is  RTC6387 and  RTC6388, paddocks sell them http://www.paddockspares.com/rtc6387-window-winder-mech-2dr-rh-from-fa-electric.html

hope that helps :)


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Thanks for taking the time to reply. If you get a chance to take a couple of pics that would be great.


Also thanks for the parts info. Looking at the parts manual, there appears to be only one type of later 2dr door. So, as mine is the later type, the electric window regulators should fit with no problems.



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Managed to source two original regulators at a decent price. I even managed to get an original motor for the RHS. No luck on left as they appear to be very rare for both regulators and motors and equally price goes up a fair amount. So I've bought an aftermarket motor for that side. For this type of part, I would have preferred original , but as far as I could see, none were available.

looking at the regulators in the flesh, it should be an easy swap. Just need to get some relays and switches now. 

cheers, Steve 

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