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Headlining query

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Are the puma era head linings better ? 

There are adds for genuine LR ones for sale with the following text:


This is a genuine Land Rover Defender thermo pressed head lining, in other words the support is not only manufactured under pressure and heat but the Grey Ripple effect material is also pressed and glued in the same process, resulting in a long lasting hard wearing head lining.

Sounds like something that wouldn't sag .....

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Very easy to do yourself. i had the added advantage of having the roof off too. my missus and son done the lining while i did the roof. i used some sound proof lining , thick grade and HIGH temp spray glue. You must use high temp as the standard stuff will melt on a summers day and fall off. ( my neighbours did )


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Yep, as the other chaps have said. There's plenty you can use to strengthen it. Fibreglass resin would be perfect - can apply to the back so it doesnt affect the surface. Ply or some similar sheet material would work well on the flat sections.

I was lucky with mine as it was just the fabric that had sagged.

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