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Turbo or Gearbox noise ? ?


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Hi guys.  I have a year 2000 Freelander series 1, with the 2 litre L series Diesel. 115,000 miles.

When I accelerate, I get a kind of 'whistling' / 'whining' noise.  Not massively noisy, but it's there. It's really difficult to know where it's coming from. Much more apparent, when the window is open. My gearbox has been crunching as I go into 2nd recently, and I was possibly putting it down to a worn gearbox. I've checked, and there's plenty of oil in the gearbox.  Was guessing a re-build was needed.

However - Could the Turbo be on the way out? Having said that, there's no loss of power, and no black smoke from the exhaust.

How would I know if the Turbo was at fault? Is there a sealing gasket popped or something?

Thanks a lot for any help.  Cheers .............. Matt.

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Thanks Bowie69.  Cheers for the reply.  I'll check the hoses around the Turbo.   Would I be better getting someone to sit in the car and spin the revs up to 2000rpm, whilst I stick my head under the bonnet?  What am I looking for?  Air escaping from a joint?  Or a split hose? Something like that?


Thanks for your help.

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One distinctive difference is the turbo speed is not related directly to engine speed, whereas the gearbox is.

Applying load will cause the turbo shaft to accellerate up to speed and you'll hear the pitch increase as it does so. Whereas the gearbox is linked to road speed and will only change in pitch as the speed rises. If you apply throttle in a higher gear its more apparent as the turbo will quickly accellerate up to speed, but there wont be much change in road speed/engine RPM. In lower gears the speed/revs rise much faster so its harder to tell if difference if you dont know what your listening for.

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