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Salisbury diff seal... how to change?


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K chaps, in my quest for the LR Holy Grail (having a non oil leaking Landy :lol: ), I will be mostly spending this weekend lying under the Camel... again!

I have two leaks to sort out, the T-Box oil seal behind the handbrake drum (which reminds me, I must order that disk handbrake think from Si ;) ) which I've done before (probably why its leaking!!) so no issues there.

But I've also got to do the oil seal on the Salisbury rear axle diff, under the prop flange. ISTR reading somewhere that this is a bit of a bugger of a job that involves crush washers and wierd stuff like that. Or is it like any other oil seal, hoik it out and stuff a new one in?

Its a '96 300Tdi Defender.


Dan :)

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As long as you're just replacing the oil seal, then re-use the crush washer you took out. As far as I'm aware you only need to replace it if you replace the bearing. The flange nut is incredibly tight though - tighter even than Rogue Trooper :D . With a Salisbury axle, mark the position of the nut in relation to the flange, then remove it. Then mark the flange in relation to the pinion shaft. When reassembling, make sure the flange goes back on in it's original position, and then tighten the nut back to it's original poistion too.

It might be worth pointing out that Haynes say not to do it. The above info refers to a Salisbury axle on a series vehicle.

I don't see that there would be any difference in tightening though.

Les. :)

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Cheers for the replies chaps :D

Saturday morning I did a bit of investigation and found that there is only one type of oil seal for my diff, an AEU2515, but there is also a flange kit that contains a completely different type of seal :huh: . Well, being a bit of a tight ar5e, I thought I'd just take the oil seal and save myself some 40 odd quid :)

Anyway, Saturday afternoon I had the truck up on the ramps, de-prop shafted, etc etc The flange bolt came undone fairly easily once I'd got an extension on the breaker bar ;) I removed the flange and low and behold, there is a completely different oil seal that the nice shiny one I have in my hand! :angry: Just to be on the safe side, I measured the diameter of the new oil seal, about 80mm, and the diameter of the hole it should fit in... 67ish mm. Now ya don't need to be Einstien to realise that the new seal ain't gonna fit!

So now I'm a little miffed, and have to put it all back together again.

The earliest I can get to Brookies to have a look at the oil seal in the flange kit is Wednesday :(

Anybody know what other flange oil seals there are for a Salisbury axle?

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Mine is a chassic number TA972672, so it should be a AEU2515. So I sold myself the correct seal :P

But have just had a look at the STC4401, and it looks more like whats in there :blink: And is the same as the seal in the flange kit... so I'll be having another go at that some time before the weekend!

Pretty sure the Camels were off the production line, then had all the tarty bits added on at SV. :)

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What I heard (from a camel owner, possibly from "North Portsmouth") was that they sometimes got a mish-mash of bits that were under test or whatever, this is also part of the reason for them not always being sold on, or even crushed, as they would not necessarily pass type approval due to the combination of bits fitted.

Only rumour and hearsay anyway, ignore me :P

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