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Def 200tdi flywheel housing on a 300tdi - why?


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I understand that the 300tdi flywheel housing doesn't quite match the pre-94 defender LT77 bell housing pattern. And that you can drill and tap a bit / remove some studs to make a perfectly acceptable, though not perfect, joint (as per Glencoyne's instructions).


I also gather that you can use an old, pre-tdi (19j, 2.5NAD, etc) flywheel housing which DOES bolt to the bell housing. The issues with this being that the timing pin holes are in the wrong place for a 300tdi.


But a lot of people are talking about using the defender 200tdi flywheel housing as being the better solution - what benefit does this have over using the old pre-tdi housings? Are the timing holes in the right place or does it have provision for bolting into the block supports or something?


I ask as a friend is about to fit a 300TDI into an older model and I happen to have a Defender 200TDI flywheel housing that I had for another project but may give up if it will help him out a bit. Appreciate that drilling and tapping is very straightforward - but we do like a factory-style fit where possible,


Thanks for any input.

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