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Disco II axles in Series


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Santana PS axles are not just bolt on and not that easy to locate,  even here in Spain. 


I was thinking in D2 axles because of slightly wider track and BIG cv kit from Ashcroft. Unfortunatelly I couldn't use my Santana/Disco 1 wheels.

I have a broken front halfshaft and some issues with rear drum brakes,  perfect excuse for an axle swap!

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Not the most awkward swop, although they have another 4 inches or so extra width over Defender and D1 axles, so definitely in need of arch extensions. 

Pros and cons both ways, but before you dive in remember it's not the cheap easy option, and it will likely cost at least twice the original guesstimate on costs.

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I have arch extensions (not fitted yet) because I was going to fit wider tyres on inverted rims. 


Local scrapyard is breaking for spares a Disco 2 these days,  that's why I started considering this swap.

With extra cash you can fit Ashcroft cv kit. CVs become unbreakable because even HD shafts will fail far before cv.

I'm planning a 160hp six pot turbodiesel engine swap + 32" and SOA, hence the need for wider and beefer axles. 


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Well, spring over certainly solves the track rod clearance issue you'd otherwise encounter.

The fact you're planning on a large engine and silly big tyres means D2 axles begin to look pretty sensible. 

Going spring over does present enough other issues of its own though, so I'd be putting some thought into it to make sure you don't end up with something hideously undrivable.  

I'd have a look at what others have done there's a few 109's about with that configuration and decide from there. 

I suspect converting the front end to use rear springs would be of benefit.

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Not wanting to be negative on this. But a big engine transplant, which I assume also means a gearbox transplant. Totally different axles and SOA. That sounds like a big project. And not really leaving anything Series left.

Suspect it would less effort to just get a V8 Disco and put a Series body on it. 

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Not that BIG tyres...32" are 7.50 or 235/85,  just like any standard 109 or 110.


Longer dumd irons and rear leafs at front were already in the agenda. In fact front Transit leafs,  same length as rear Land Rover ones but with bigger and more flexible bushes. 

I really like what Koos "Toyroverlander" and you Chicken Drumstick have done in you Series.

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D2 axles needn't be any wider track than D1/Defender/RRC axles as you run with far less wheel offset.

Wheel bearings, and they are actually decent too, can now be had for about £60. Fitted loads, to different vehicles I hasten to add.

They are really easy to work on.

The diffs and drive flanges are the same as D1.

Other than that anything that applies to fitting the earlier generation coiler axles applies the same.

I've seriously considered this for my Series for some time. The reduced scrub radius won't harm either.

I'd also end up with the same axles on my competition motor, tow motor and my Series.


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On 18/09/2016 at 11:41 PM, o_teunico said:

In fact front Transit leafs,  same length as rear Land Rover ones but with bigger and more flexible bushes. 

This as an old trials trick to repace the rear springs as trials motors dont need to carry any weight.

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