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TDi Crank Pulley vs 2.25 Crank pulley? Relative positions and clashing with diff.


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Hi folks,

another niggle in my brain today.

The TDi into Series concept has been documented dozens of times now and all the little oddities have been worked out - except one: The risk of the TDi crank pulley clashing with the diff.

Now it is a rare occurrence, usually at extreme articulation off-road and so most people ignore it. Others rely on the extra clearance afforded by their parabolics or simply fit extended bump stops to stop this from happening.

I don't have the opportunity to compare a 2.25 and a TDi side-by-side but I would like to understand why this issue can occur at extreme articulation.

Does the block of the TDI have different external dimensions to a 2.25 - e.g. is it taller? Is the crank seated lower in the block relative to a 2.25? Is it simply a case of the crank pulley being of a larger diameter in the TDi? Or is is a longitudinal length issue - for example is the timing cover deeper, moving the pulley into the same plane as the diff.


Alternatively - this oddity could be specific to the discovery 200TDI engine (rather than the Defender with its different crank pulley) and may be completely resolved b fitting a 300TDi with its serpentine front. The mind boggles. 


Like-for-like - I would expect that if the TDi engine were positioned in a Series chassis such that the crank was centred in the front PTO hole then the only way clashing could occur would be if the pulley were larger or further forward.


Any help in understanding this would be most welcome.






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on my series with a 200tdi, the axle doesnt get anywhere near the pulley. that could be because i raised the mount on the chassis when i fitted the engine.

I originally had a defender tdi in, which has the lower injection pump, so i changed the drivers side engine mount. when i did it i measured between the axle and bump stops, and made sure the engine was high enough to clear.

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