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Rover V8 new cam - run-in procedure

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Evening all,

I'm about to replace the cam in my rover v8 powered 90.

With regards run-in procedure, what would you recommend?

Does 2000rpm for 20 mins sound about right, straight away after start up? Just adjust the throttle idle screw on my carb to match that engine speed, and leave it running there?

If it makes a difference, I am running a high torque output "Stump Puller" cam by Piper.

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That's useful, cheers.

Just wondered if there was anything Rover V8 specific I should bear in mind.

Obviously Piper will recommend using their tappets, but planning to use genuine LR oem hydraulic tappets (soaked in oil prior to installation). Any thoughts on this?

Engine fun to come...

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