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Whining noise

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I've recently bought a 2010 Defender 90 which had had new black saw tooth wheels put on it with heavy duty Goodyear Wrangler tyres. I get a whirling type noise ( woh.... woh...woh....who....woh..) which gets faster the quicker you go and persisted when the clutch is engaged . Is this likely to be normal tyre / road noise which would be expect or could it be baring noise. Is there anything I should do such as check tracking or balance of wheels?

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It could be a number of things?...... Yes aggressive tyres do sound noisy, mine when fitted with Insa turbo special track sounded like a Lancaster bomber flying round the cab!?!

Would check ALL corners to see if the tyres are fowling/rubbing on any part ie brake shield, calliper, wheel arch and the likes..... and yes Bearings are worth checking for play?

Unless the steering wheel is vibrating out of your hands when driving I wouldn't bother with balancing the wheels.....Mainly because it's hard to balance aggressive tyres, do you want big chunks of metal hammered on to your nice rims (wont be a good look!)? and wont make that much difference in feel unless the steering is vibrating that much, might check the tracking just for peace of mind though?

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