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Under Seat Fuel Tanks

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Hi all,

Just thinking about using under seat fuel tanks as either range extenders or instead of the standard discovery petrol tank.

What are the pro's and cons of doing this? I guess there is a shift of weight towards the front of the car, but I'm guessing the current behind the axle location means that as the fuel tank runs low the handling of the truck changes?

This would would require fitting brackets on the chassis and remaking the floor. Similar work to what was under taken in a 4x4 is born, but not intending to use standard land rover bits other than bits of the centre tunnel. The floor and bulkhead are already needing significant work. IT would be completed so that the floor is completely sealed and the tanks outside of the vehicle.

Edit: What's the capacity of these tanks and can you get plastic ones are or are all the land rover ones metal?

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I'd look at the slim tanks that fit between inner and outer wing (look at Task's CSK rebuild) in addition to a long range rear tank.  It should also be quite easy to have tapered tanks that fit between the chassis and sills attaching to the body mountings and chassis rail.

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