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Electrical Help required - Switched Live and whats this?


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Hi, I've finally got around to trying to wire up some heated seats that I re trimmed a while ago (From Exmoor Trim) and the kits wants an ignition supply. I wondered if there was one I could tap into around the fuse box, however when I was looking I found a 4 pin plug seen in the photo. After looking (with my limited knowledge) at the wiring diagrams I'm unable to work out what it's for. With the colours being Brown, I'm guessing they're a main feed from the battery so not an ignition switched supply? Any help on identifying what it is and indeed wheres the best place for getting a switched ignition supply feed from. The defender is a 1996 SW, the heated seats are from Emoor Trim - http://www.exmoortrim.co.uk/the-new-defender-seat-heater-kit.html

As you can probably tell auto electrics are not high up on my skills list!




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My kits came with only one relay each.  I suspect this is to act a a switch between the battery and seat control switches, triggered by a spur from the fuse box white or green wires (activated with the ignition switch) to prevent the seats taking their load through those ignition circuits but using them as a safety cut out to prevent battery drain with the engine off.  My RRC already had the full wiring installation, and I connected the 109's heater pads directly to the control switches and aux battery, so didn't use the relay in either case.

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I tested the wires in that plug to find the one that is an ignition switched live - can't remember which.  I connected my Exmoor heated seats to that cable.  All fine with one seat heater on, even on high setting.  When the second was switched on the radio went silent - fuse blown.

i ran a new wire alongside the cables that run up through the lower dash behind the fuse box and connected to the supply for the cigar lighter socket.  No problems now with both seats set to high.

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