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Rover V8 indentification


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As mentioned it's a factory rebuilt engine.

The part no' RTC2707/R and the logo on the parts label date it to the early 80s.

That part no' doesn't appear in any of my Land Rover parts books, that suggests a Range Rover engine.

Early 80s would be a 3.5 probably low comp, 8.13-1 I think. May tie in with the 8G suffix on the serial no'.

Have you got a bigger picture of the rest of the lump?

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is that a V8 on an LT77 on a Series transfer box? - if so its exactly the setup i'm building (albeit with a stumpy r380 and a 38A V8).


Would love to see some more pics if you get chance - and maybe a measurement or two. Ideal would be to pop over and take some shots and have a measure-up myself.

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Perfect, thanks.

Yes Sherpa box and early Ashcroft conversion is the forum consensus. 


It actually belongs to a lad at work, I can measure take pictures of whatever you want, where abouts are you?



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Hi Will.


Sorry I missed your reply there. I'm in Manchester.


If you do have time to take a few pictures and a couple of measurements I would be very grateful, thank you. Its a rare setup and it will help me in ordering my chassis.



A close up of each of the four mountings (two gearbox/transfer box mounts and the two engine mounts)

A shot directly into the front PTO hole (to show where the crankshaft is positioned)

A shot of the bell housing/adaptor plate (if fitted)



A measurement from the front of the block (where it meets the timing cover) to the front crossmember

A measurement of the timing cover from the block face to the front of the crank pulley

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