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N reg 1995 300 tdi auto discovery edc model


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ive got a Nreg 300tdi auto ,,,, the immobiliser is playing up ,,,, this is not your put the spider on behind the dash type  ,,,, this is the edc injector pump (fly by wire) the immobiliers is behind the glove box some where and is different as i belive the immobiliser is in the ecu (but not shore) ? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, has anyone on here found a solution for this as its getting on my tits having to ... on off the immobiliers till i can get the car to start ,,, it is  not a injector pump fault ,,,, bogmonster put a post up in feb 2014 from rockreither about joining 10 and 11 pints together  but we not shore wot he means ,,,can any one help as theres 2 off use with the same fault ,,,, ,,,,, or know off someone that could help .............thanks

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We do know that a 300tdi auto doesn't have a spider immobiliser and it has so call 'drive by wire' EDC, disco's don't fly.

" on off the immobiliers till i can get the car to start" doesn't say much... that may be the reason u haven't received any replies, so a bit more info is required.

What makes you think the problem is an immobiliser issue?

Does the engine crank?

Does the red led on the dash extinguish when the fob is placed ne'er the ignition switch?

Does the engine start after u have enter the emergency access code to override the alarm and immobiliser?

Plus anything else u can think of that will be helpful.

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