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Freelander 1 lack of power

sandman malti

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I have a 2001 Freelander 1 TD4 with an auto box and had it from new.  It only has 15,000 miles as it is rarely used.  

After 10 years when it reached 11,000 miles the auto box had to be replaced as the drive was lost completely.  This was replaced with a reconditioned one from Ashcroft and all works were carried out by the Land Rover agent.

Now I have a problem with the power of the engine.  When the engine is cold it shows no signs of lack of power but when the engine warms up, than this is when the problem starts.  On the road while driving along it seems that there is no problem but when there is even the slightest uphill gradient than the engine looses power and starts to slow down.  The auto box takes it time to change down gears too and end up nearly halting to a stop.  Than when the auto box changes down the speed starts to pick up very very slowly until it reaches around 3000 revs and that's when the engine suddenly burst out its power.

I have changed the VCU as someone suggested that this lasts only 10 years.  I had installed an EGR blocker too.

Any ideas what is causing this problem please ?


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first place to check with power loss is the fuel filter. it could easily be blocked and then the electric fuel pump. if you switch the ignition on from outside the car you should be able to hear it come on and start pumping before the engine starts

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Yes - I forgot to say that I have serviced the entire engine including oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter and crank case breather filter.

The funny thing is that when the engine slowly picks up revs than you can feel the power coming out, but it takes ages for it to pick up the revs.  I guess that if the fuel pump is defective than there is no way that the engine gives out the power it gives on high revs.

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