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Diff to Axle Case Sealant

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For some reason, after a while I seem to find damp oil patches where the diff housing hasn't sealed to the axle casing properly.

Normally I use sealant (black silicone or Hylomar blue and a gasket. This time I was going to try black silicone sealant with no gasket.


Euro car parts sell Loctite SI 5940 (and Sikaflex - this came up from a google search - but it seems more for filling gaps in bodywork?)

Halfords sell Granville Instant Gasket (never had much luck with instant gasket) and Granville Black Silicone Sealant.


At the moment I'm tempted for the Loctite SI5940.


Can anyone recommend a silicone sealant that worked well for them?




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Thank you for all your replies.

I make sure the surfaces are clean and free from the old gasket etc but there are a few marks where someone has removed the diffs before. I've tried to make sure there are no raised points but there's a limit to how good it'll ever be.

I have 2 diffs to fit so I'll try one with a greased gasket an the other with RTV and see how it goes.



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Thanks for all the help, most appreciated.

I'm tempted to try the JB weld on the back of the water pump housing where the p-gasket has left an impression and there has been some corrosion. I guess I'll need to be very careful or I'll put the alternator and water pump pulleys out of alignment with the others.

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