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4.0 V8 Power Steering Pump

Dave W

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I'm considering buying one of these pumps to fit to my LSx engine as part of an attempt to move the alternator somewhere more sensible than it's current position, I'm not sure if this is specific to the Thor engines or if it's used by others too.


As I don't have one in front of me I was wondering if anyone can help decipher the connections it would need.

I'm assuming the big pipe on the top is for the pipe to the reservoir. From the picture it looks as if the casting next to that pipe is a mounting point ?

The machined face at the bottom (left on the pic) would then be the pressure output to the steering box but why is it such a large area ? Does it use a weird coupling or some sort of intermediate  part that bridges those three holes ?

If anyone has one of these for sale, especially if it has pipes with it, I'd be very interested as it's one of the few serpentine Land Rover pumps that I've found that work clockwise. I looked at a 300TDi pump which seemed easier to fit but they run anti-clockwise which doesn't suit the space I have available.

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This looks like the same one, with a range of photos. It would appear that the inlet and outlet are next to each other, and the machined face you refer to is one of the mounting points. Of course I'm only going off of photos through curiosity so I might be very wrong. 

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Davo has it right, in and out next to each other, additionally the inlet can be spun around carefully with a hammer if needed for clearance.

The pipes used can be seen in fridges ambulance build, banjo style.

The test of what you see is mounting bracket, although you can remove the pump from this and make your own bracket for it if you need.

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Thanks, it's starting to make sense now, from fridge's build and a bit more trawling it looks like the GEMS version uses a simple "normal" connection and the Thor version uses a banjo connection. Looking at where the pump is mounted I might be able to use a standard P38 pipe if I get one to match the pump.

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